No Limits or BoundariesHHD9 RIGIDRIGID

Ultra-strong, ideal in extreme conditions and work environments, easy to setup, repair and maintain for the entire lifecycle: the HHD9 dumper version excels above all other similar capacity mining and quarry machines at a lower cost per ton of up to 50% compared with a traditional ADT dump truck of equivalent capacity.
HHD9 HHD9 Rigid Heavy Duty Astra Dumper truck for stable loads


The HHD9 rigid version takes robustness and versatility levels to the extreme. It is available in a 3 or 4-axle version with 4 wheel drive and engine power from 480 - 540 hp Euro3
HHD9 Astra Extreme terrain oil and gas

Ready for extreme Terrain

The HHD9 rigid is the ideal vehicle for missions on highly demanding terrains which require high levels of load
Astra HHD9 Stable loads extreme by nature

Highly Stable with heavy loads

60+ ton with a 2.9 m width, makes the HHD9 the ideal vehicle for mining missions which require high levels of load & stability
HHD9 Vs Dumpers

HHD9 Vs Dumpers

> Same 40 ton payload
> Lower purchase costs
> Lower maintenance costs
> Lower fuel consumptions
> Lower time cycle

Extra strong componentsHHD9 FeaturesFEATURES

The HHD9 is the ideal machine for the worksite and for the most demanding assignments. lt meets the most stringent safety regulations in close circuit thanks to the special equipment inclusive of the specific tipping body. This, in combination with Euro VI engine, allows it to obtain the CE certification according to the Machine Directive governing operating machinery.
img gray corner top both
820 mm wide, unique heavy duty chassis
Reinforced Frame

Two side members in high resistance special steel with a tensile strength of 530 Mpa with large sections to ensure easy equipment mounting, and most importantly, a high level of torsional stiffness (up to 300 kNm) and high stability in the most extreme situations.

HHD9 Power ring
Power Ring
Up to 40 tons on the rear tandem

To increase the robustness and rigidity of the entire structure of the chassis, Astra has patented the power ring: a closed ring structure of the rear suspension, made up of cast iron carriage shoulders and a lower cross member, which improves the redistribution of forces on the tandem.

HHD9 Mining dumper Euro6
Power Take-off
Up to 3 PTOs

Comprehensive and easy configuration due to the availability of a wide range of PTOs. Option to install up to 3 PTOs, from those available (on engine, between clutch and gearbox, on gearbox and on transmission).

hhd9 Braking system
Breaking System

3 axles: Duplex front drum 25 kNm | Duplex rear drum 30 kNm
4 axles: Simplex front disc 25 kNm | Duplex rear drum brakes 30 kNm
Engine brake power: 402 hp (300 kW) @ 1900 rpm
Iveco Turbo Brake (ITB): Decompression engine brake which acts on the drain valves

Selective Catalytic Reduction

HHD9 Engine Options

The Astra HHD9 is powered by the in-line six-cylinder FTP Industrial Cursor 13 Euro VI 500 HP (368 kW) highly efficient with Super Engine Brake boasting 463 kW braking power (@1900 rpm)
Iveco cursor13 engine
Euro III from 480 to 540 hp (VGT)
Radiator with large surface of 0.68 m2
Max. power - Up to 540 hp (397 kW) @ 1900 rpm
Max. torque - Up to 2350 Nm from 1000 to 1690 rpm (low fuel consumption)
Turbine VGT
Reduction in the level of toxic gases emitted from the engine

HHD9 86.48 EURO 3 11t

Astra HHD9 Euro3 diagram
To be equipped with 24m³ body. Thickness bottom 10 mm (HB450), sides 8 mm (HB400).
Cabin protection ROPS & FOPS
Dimensions (mm)
Astra HHD9 Euro3 dimensions

(*) M Max.: Idicative value to be confirmed by bodybuilder.

Weight (KG)
Astra HHD9 Euro3 Weights

(*)Net weight is intended for vehicles in running conditions (driver, 100% of liquids, 90% of fuel) and in basic configuration without
optionals and must always be verified during final testing.

(1) With tyres 14.00 R20, reinforced springs std and speed limited to 70 Km/h.
(2) With tyres 14.00 R20, reinforced springs std and max speed limited to 40 Km/h. Overload condition. Limited usage, according to Payload Management Guidelines.

Beyond the Road

HHD9 Rigid Gearbox OptionsGEARBOX

The driveline of the HHD9 has been designed for the most demanding and arduous tasks. Astra is always your ‘working hard’ partner featuring the following wide range of transmission solutions in order to satisfy every requirement with the most adequate product.
HD9 Manual Gearbox

ZF Ecosplit manual gearbox, ideal for less demanding quarry and mining missions.

• Dry single-disc clutch
• 16 FORWARD and 2 REVERSE gears
• Gear shift lever with double H layout (high or low range)
• Splitter pre-selection on lever (slow and fast speeds)
• Splitter insertion with depression of clutch pedal
• Servo-shift (gear insertion via pneumatic system)
• PTO with possible rear installation or between clutch and gearbox
• Intarder

HHD9 automatic gearbox

ZF AsTronic automatic gearbox, ideal for less demanding quarry and mining missions.

• 16AS 2630 TO
• Single disc dry clutch with electro-pneumatic control (clutch pedal eliminated)
• 16 FORWARD and 2 REVERSE gears
• 2 operating modes:
• Automatic
• Semi-automatic
• Push-button selector
• PTO with possible rear installation or between clutch and gearbox
• Intarder

ALLISON HD 4700 series automatic gearbox

ALLISON HD 4700 series automatic gearbox, ideal for extremely demanding quarry & mining missions, firefighting e situations requiring superior acceleration or frequent Stop&Go.

• Converter with lock-up on all gears except 1st. Optimisation of shifting and consumption on demanding terrains.
• 7 FORWARD and 1 REVERSE gear
• Limitation of maximum gear that can be inserted (engine protection)
• Integrated retarder
• Lever selector
• Power/eco MODE button

HHD9 RIGID heavy duty gearbox

ZF Transmatic hydromechanical gearbox, multiplies torque at launching, ideal for heavy haulage missions and dangerous towing operations at low speed.

• Lock-up clutch
• WSK TORQUE CONVERTER available on versions 6×4, 6×6, 8×6 and 8×8 (OPTIONAL for Euro III vehicles)
• Integrated retarder
• Single disc dry clutch with pedal control
• 16 FORWARD and 2 REVERSE gears
• Gear shift lever with double H layout (high or low range)
• Splitter pre-selection on lever (slow and fast speeds)
• Splitter insertion with depression of clutch pedal
• Servo-shift (gear insertion via pneumatic system)

Robust Productivity

HHD9 Rigid Axle OptionsAXLES

The Astra HHD9 range offers a great variety of front and rear axle configurations, in order to grant the maximum in terms of robustness and productivity in off-road conditions.
hhd9 Reinforced drive axles with 10 ton load

Loads up to 11 tons thanks to reinforced front drive axles and axles for the most arduous off-road use (routes with steep slopes or heavy loads concentrated on the front of the vehicle).

hhd9 Reinforced tandem 2020 tons AXLE

Loads up to 20 tons for each rear axle with width of 2.9m and standard reinforced suspension.

Axle load (kg):  8.000 | 9.000
System:  4×4, 6×6, 8×6, 8×8

hhd9 transfer boxes

Availability of high-performance transfer boxes for vehicles travelling with rear-wheel drive and which, when the mission requires, can also engage front-wheel drive: ZF-STEYR VG 2700 (up to 30 kNm)

Strong and reliable

HHD9 Functional ComfortCOMFORT

The HHD9 Cab is specifically designed and optimised to guarantee excellent ergonomics and comfort, making driving relaxing whilst ensuring high functionality. The instrument panel surrounds the driver and makes controls easy and safe to use even in the most difficult and challenging working conditions.
Astra HD9 instrument and steering dashboard
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Choose your solutionsHHD9 Rigid - Industries ServedEXTREME

When the nature of your work is extreme, Astra is the answer. From the heart of your Mine to the storage site, and beyond. Going to the extreme is part of ASTRA’s history and legacy. The HHD9 Rigid vehicle is designed and built to tackle impossible missions and conditions, and proudly carries with it the mark of excellence and experience.


From the heart of the mine to the storage site and beyond


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Oil and Gas

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