Heavy Haulage Vehicles

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Powerful vehicles for the most extreme challengesHEAVY HAULAGE

We have created unique and powerful vehicles to transport heavy, oversized and extremely precious loads safely, even in extreme weather and road conditions - Heavy Haulage Astra Trucks are fitted with tailor-made solutions for transportation and lifting turbines, boilers, bridge beams or other architectural or industrial components.
Exceptional Tractors

Exceptional Tractors

Available in a 3-axle configuration or the highly customised 8x8 version, Astra vehicles offer power and robustness in any transportation conditions carrying 300T+ total weight.

Exceptional Tractors

Marble Transport

Marble Transport

Astra vehicles are the ideal solution for transporting marble - Powerful engines, large transportation capacity & load (Up to 9 tons) and are highly customisable.

Marble Transport

Large vehicles for large challengesMINING

Astra vehicles are developed to tackle the most difficult challenges.
The ASTRA extra-reinforced steel chassis provides unparalleled loading capacity, to satisfy the most demanding requirements of towing missions.
Astra HHD9 heavy haulage vehicle
high capacity Astra Trucks
HD8E3 88 50T SATRAM Gabon 2008 3 min
astra hd9 tractor

Heavy HaulageUnparalleled loading capacityMINE

Astra vehicles offer a wide range of traction solutions: from the simple and robust 6×4 version to the 8×6 and 8×8 versions, all are extremely stable and available in a rigid version, with a single or double cab.

Engines offer a maximum power output up to 560 hp, and can be equipped with larger radiators and additional cooling systems for hot climates. The versatile and robust drive train includes torque converter gearboxes and extra-strong drive axles (up to 10 ton on the front, and 20 ton on the rear).

Vehicles can be fitted with larger tyres, special towing hooks, reinforced cross members and high-capacity fuel tanks. Tailor-made transformations are performed directly in our factory to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Everything is designed to perform well (and last) with high-haulage vehicle combinations in excess of 300 tons.

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