ASTRA HD9 new cabin, maximum comfort!

17 May 2021by HeavyB220

The new HD9 cab perfectly sums up the Astra vehicle’s resolute and original character.

The cab is built out of processed steel and has a new and aggressive design.  The new grille layout, which is very visible thanks to its rounded lines, can open up entirely with the connected corner elements allowing easy access to the maintenance areas beneath.

Astra HD9 new cabin interior

The interior has been completely redesigned in terms of its functionality and its fittings and includes solutions that improve living and driving comfort. Access to the cab is made easier by the ideal spacing of the first two steps and the double vertical railing on both sides of the door, as well as the fact that the door itself opens up by more than 90°. The ventilation and heating system has been upgraded with new air vents so that any climatic condition can be faced with safety and comfort. The ergonomic, multi-adjustable seats are also brand new and feature integrated seat belts.

Instrumentation panel

  • The instrumentation panel is ergonomically designed with all controls within easy reach of the driver, while the gauges have improved graphics.
  • Vehicle functions are easily controlled and a greater driving comfort is guaranteed in the new cabin layout.
  • The central tunnel has been lowered to ensure an improved level of mobility within the cab.

Cabin Visibility

  • ​All-round visibility is also excellent and ensured by the side windows in the doors, which are very useful in off-road applications or when negotiating city traffic.
  • The broad rear view mirrors which, on request, can also be heated and electrically adjustable enhance rearward visibility.
  • The cab suspension is still of the 4 point mechanical version and is fully adjustable to suit operating conditions.

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