Since its foundation in 1946, ASTRA has been building strong, reliable and versatile vehicles, going well beyond the customers’ most demanding expectations.
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Quality is at our core

The quality of the Astra vehicles is confirmed by international certifications such as UNI EN ISO 9001-2000, UNI EN ISO 14001-2004 and NATO AQAP 2110. Producing about 3000 specialised trucks per year in its factory in Piacenza, Astra also manufactures a range of military vehicles many of which are currently in use by Italian and other European armed forces and some UN contingents.

Proud of it's heritage

ASTRA was founded as a private company just after WWII (1946) in the island of Sardinia (Italy). Based in the city of Cagliari, the company focused on refurbishing military vehicles that were now part of the war residual and adapting them to civilian use. In 1951 Astra moved to the city of Piacenza, in the same region of the other world renowned brands Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Ducati. The year 1955 saw the construction of the first Astra quarry dumper truck that would successfully prove its worth in excavations, tunnels, bridges and hydroelectric plants.

In 1986 Astra was purchased by the Italian group Iveco and is today an illustrious brand known worldwide for products of the highest standards as a result of continuous research, and the constant application of advanced technologies.

In 2016, ASTRA launches the new HD9/HHD9 Dumper version with a GVW of over 60 tons ideal for the mining sector. The technical solutions adopted on this model, among which are reinforced axles and suspension system and a heavy-duty reinforced frame, contribute to increasing the robustness and the durability of the product, thus enhancing productivity.

High quality manufacturing with safety in mind - Most versatile solution for when the going gets tough
Built to withstand the most extreme off-road conditions and get the job done!
Building robust vehicles that exceed our customers’ most demanding expectations



Established in Cagliari (Anonima Sarda Trasporti)

The main mission was to refurbish all military vehicles left on the battle field, converting them for civilian use

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ASTRA production moved to Piacenza


ASTRA sold the first dumper truck

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IVECO group became the 100% shareholder of ASTRA

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    Astra Trucks have unique technical features that give them the durability & strength to operate in the extremely harsh conditions of Mining and Quarry operations, offering high reliability, simple maintenance & maximum profitability.
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